Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Been Forever...

It's been a really really long time since I've written. So much has gone on, I'm not even sure where to begin or even if I'll be able to recall it all. 

I'll start with the latest video I produced for the Power of Pain Foundation

RSD/CRPS Limbs Montage-

I'm now the California Ambassador for the Power of Pain Foundation also. I represented them at the 6th Annual Neuropathy Action Day held in Sacramento some months back. On September 15th (last month) I worked the Convoy of Hope event in Sacramento California raising awareness for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Causalgia, Neuro Inflammatory Disease (another name for RSD/CRPS) and other Neuropathic conditions such as post cancer pain, diabetic neuropathy, Fibromyalgia etc. Answering guests questions, distributing information and ending the day with a balloon release in the name of the Power of Pain Foundation (POPF), RSD/CRPS, Causalagia, NID, Cure and HOPE! Jackie Jurek Miss Folsom Cali USA worked the event with me as did my son Kurtis who is the POPF Jr. Ambassador, my husband and daughters as volunteers.

It was a great day!

The Convoy of Hope travels all around the United States bringing and giving away much needed, clothing, shoes, medical, dental, vision screenings, job fairs, hair cuts, family portraits, 1000's of pounds of groceries, food during the event and much more to area and surrounding area residents for free. They also offer prayer tents and provide hope.

I was apart of this. The Power of Pain Foundation (Which happened to me myself that day) was surrounded by nearly 6,000 people. Nearly half than last year as the economy didn't allow people to afford the gas or public transportation to get there. Sad really in so many ways.

I'm happy though that I was given the opportunity to teach several people about a painful, debilitating and progressive disease RSD/CRPS/Causalgia that's listed a 42 out of 50 on the McGill Pain Index. The most painful condition known to man (or woman).

The McGill Pain Index

For more information- The McGill Pain Index

For those who aren't aware Causalgia is the first name give to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy by Weir Mitchel during the Civil War. Causalgia means burning which is the hallmark pain characteristic of the illness. If a person doesn't have the severe burning yet have all other symptoms they still wouldn't have the disease. 

The photo above is Jackie Jurek Miss Folsom Cali USA (A contestant in the upcoming Miss USA pageant and I at the Convoy of Hope Sept 15, 2012.

I've also been  nominated for "The Best Kept Secret" award in the 2012 WEGO Health Activist Awards by a really important person in the pain communities. She's also a best selling author, on TV, in media, news etc and executive director of a pain foundation! She initiated my nomination process. I was speechless when I first learned of this. It's still humbling. Please keep nominating if you would:

Best Kept Secret – Awarded to someone in the online health community who is doing great work but hasn't gotten a lot of attention.

I've never expected anything from my service but being recognized feels so wonderful really.

I've also been nominated for best Facebook site award for RSDAdvisory Info & Support.

We renewed our 25th wedding vows in a church ceremony on the 11th of August. A beautiful church wedding. Since we never had it the first time... we did it now. Wrote our own vows, got lots of wonderful photos.. for certain memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.  (My neck was adorned)

Moving up in my work has been a blessing. I wouldn't change any of this considering the cards I've been dealt.

Had my Gall Bladder taken out a few months back.  (As much as could be removed without doing the old type large incision surgery. Instead I only have 4 small incisions)

I do have several blocks coming up as well as a sleep study using the CPAP of my face on the 21st. 

I'll leave the rest of the pain out of this post.

Well wishes everyone... 


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