Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Friday Night @ The River's Edge

It was a great time in many ways and in a few others not so good. Me, I had a blast! I danced with others on the dance floor, I flirted, teased, just had lots of fun. I was hoping I would since I had to be in the surgery center yesterday for a LSNB (pain block). We'll get back to that in a minute.

Back to the bar.. they had a live DJ, quite a few people I know were there, including a man I've known for about 20 years. He's getting married. First marriage for both him and his girl. I'm really happy about that and happy for him.

It was suppose to be a belated birthday gathering as one daughter turned 22 on the 11th and the other 21 on the 15th.

All the couples they grew up with came, we must have had 20 people there not including ourselves. It turned out to be more of a party for the oldest than the youngest and I felt really bad.

One daughter let all her friends know to be there, the other didn't. sighs

Something happened later and 2nd daughter and 1st daughters baby daddy split and walked home. sigh sigh sigh

We spent the night in West Sac that night at their apt and took a cab there. No drinking and driving!

Came home the next morning.

As for my time at the pain and diagnostics surgery center yesterday morning. I came home and slept like I haven't in months. I'm sore from the injections and have some pain from my illnesses, but I'm happy with the results, just worried it won't last long. I go back to pain management tomorrow to either change my meds or set up additional blocks. Those are my only options at this time.

In photo- Jessica, Ebony, Me, Kharisma and Leslie

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Snowbrush said...

Glad you had fun, babe.

My last post (the one before the one that I just put up) was about chronic pain, and some guy (Walking Man) wrote that he was in horrible pain for years but finally got help through some pain management specialist's protocol. He gave me a weblink, but I haven't looked into it yet. Maybe you've heard of it.

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

I peeked at his link from your blog. It wasn't very informative, yet it did reveal the basics of a pain management facility. I very well may have missed more information.

I'm glad to see that he mentioned pain management to you because I do believe at this point it may be your only option.

Basically they help us manage our pain with or without meds, physical therapies, etc.

I'm happy they were able to help him. I've been in Pain Management since 2004 and with the blocks, my stimulator and meds I'm still barely hanging on.

Sometimes when I hear you talk (write) I see similarities in our pain. While my illness is seemingly a rare disease and has been classified as such since the masses have no idea what it is, it was also first recognized in the first world war when soldiers were injured and long after the injury (usually shot) should have been healed... but they never did.

I think I'm babbling on again...

Gentle hug,

宥軒 said...

好問才能博學。 ..................................................

欣盈 said...

I do like ur article~!!!..................................................

Snowbrush said...

I read that it was first identified during the Civil War. Oh, well. I don't know when you came around last, but it looks like I might indeed have what you have.

Snowbrush said...

P.S. You haven't posted in two weeks--are you okay?

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

Yes you are right, the civil war. And while I got shivers to learn you may also have what I have, I've been concerned about this and you for awhile now. Knowing your symptoms, feeling them.

I'm about to read your blog so that I can try to catch up on you.

I wish I was doing better, but I am grateful for a few days of eased pain. It's just that when it rises again, it comes back hard. Really hard.

Gentle hugs,