Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Always Tired

I'm always so very tired.

Being busy poops me out, doing nothing poops me out.

I was chosen to participate in a Neuropathic Pain Study. Originally I sent my fax in to late via the man and having to rely on him. I was put on the waiting list. After replying that I was still interested if a spot opened, I was emailed back within days that there was an opening.

This is a 6 week study. I'm hoping it helps me as well as the millions who suffer or struggle with neuropathic pain and similar conditions or disorders.

The last radio show went great! I was low in the beginning and went from head set to hand set mid show. It did go well after all. You may have to turn me up in the beginning. The show was on Mirror Therapy and Desensitization.

Here it is nearly 4:00 a.m and while I'm sleepy, I'm awake sitting up in bed in the dark. I'm often like this. Even fall asleep sitting up.

Our son started the 8th grade on Monday. The girls are doing well.

The man has been back to work for a month now. A bit of separation anxiety still exists, but unlike my friend who recently lost her Master without warning, mine is coming home for as long as the good Lord allows.

I think about my friend and how she's coping. It brings back memories of my own Master's heart attack at his age of 38 at the time. Fear has continued to run through me ever since. He still has 2 stents in his heart. But I have him and I'm grateful.

I pray my friend has a bright and happy future ahead of her.

I haven't done too much more with my other xxx blog or any of them really.

Keeping dishes washed and man toilet clean is chore enough most days. Cooking meals are exhausting my limbs. Pain over flows and I have a hard time catching up.

I've lost a few pounds, but worry the return to taking Neurontin will put it back on.

In June we celebrated 24 years together, on the 14th (a few days ago) we quietly celebrated 23 married. It's sometimes hard to believe we're heading on 25 years.

I've belonged to him 7 years longer than I ever belonged my parents.

One thing I have become some what addicted to is the series Lost. Been watching it on Netflix starting from 2004 finally up to 2006. A few episodes an evening when able. Yep, I'm stuck!

Wishing you all well

Until next time..


Laurie said...

Thank you Cali for thinking of me. It is a wonderful world out there with people who care and provide always that friendship.

It is such a blessing to have those men in our lives who love us, and who we love back. And we cherish those so very much.

I wish I could give you comforting words in your time of pain, the only ones I can are that I often think of you and pray that a miracle will be found and one day your pain will go away.

well wishes always.



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Snowbrush said...

Oh, my dear Twinkle, I SO hope this study helps you. You have no idea how often I think about you and how strong you must be to go on with such pain.

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Anonymous said...

You are so welcome Laurie. Thank you for thinking of me too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Snow. I read in your blog that you are experiencing some life again and keeping a bit away from the internet. I'm so glad you are doing things again, however small or big.

I wish I there would have been more time for others I know to sign up for the study and be considered. I'm glad I got in after being put on a wait list since my it took an extra day to get a fax of my signature back to them.

Gentle hugs to you