Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 Days Down and Up Again

I've been down for 2 days. The price I pay for activity, even a few hours up and about in the home. Sometime yesterday the man brought me in 2 pillows that were suppose to be xmas gifts, we propped one between my legs. I was laying on my left side, we slid it in close to my crotch so that my right leg was elevated as well as part of my butt cheek. I've had butt damage since my original injury but when RSD spread to my butt after my last SCS surgery, I've had a new struggle to deal with. I often sleep sitting up on my left butt cheek. The family often comes in to lay me down, I rarely know I'm sleeping that way. Just another obstacle I'll defeat. I do worry a bit about my next SCS surgery. My battery needs to be replaced. Don't want to think about it too much because then I won't dwell. It's just one of those things.

I'm just glad that pillow helped me or I'd still be in bed now and I'm not. Instead I've been up since 5:45 a.m.

He gave me permission a couple of weeks ago to get my hair cut. (He likes long hair) and my hair is long and covering my scar on my lower back. But.. it's also unhealthy from the meds and the damage that comes from the illness itself, so am thinking a cut may help.

Going to have it long layered. Right now there are no layers other than upfront where bangs use to be and which are now near my shoulders, way past my chin.

I'm not allowed to have more than 2 inches taken off the back length though. I was thankful right away. And since he will be there with me, he can keep an eye on the stylist.

I'm not having it styled there and all that. Just cut. I've had bad experiences in the past with cuts. Tell them 2 inches and they take 6. Oh was he pissed!

I've applied for an advocacy position at MDJ. A seperate position from Leading. Don't have to be one to be the other. (at least I don't think). I didn't over do myself. On the application I said I would put in 5 hours a month. A month! I can do that.

I already do that. I already do all that the job entails.

We've been (okay not me) been chopping wood for days. A man gave us tons of wood, some of it isn't cured yet, maybe next year for those. But he's also letting us go back to get more as needed. And initially we got the van filled twice for two trips.

This is going to help us a lot this winter. Won't have to use the heater. We do have to be careful for burn days though. So on the days we can't burn.. we snuggle up.

Home schooling our son is going okay. There really isn't anything to it, but making sure each of his 6 subjects are completed each Wednesday when he meets with the teacher to turn in and get the following weeks work.

His PE includes chopping wood. lol

Trying to get up the energy to go xmas shopping today. Last years xmas was whoohooo all around, this year much much less, but it's all good.

Gonna have to use the wheels today, but am getting use to it, plus there are times when I don't have to at all anymore.. I can push myself, it's just that doing so knocks me off my ass for a few days after.
Some times have to make it worth it.

Off to do some promoting...

Wishing you all warm holidays to come,

Until next time..

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