Thursday, November 12, 2009

Military Surprise and Updates

It's been quite awhile since I've written. Our daughter is home from the Army. I was awoken to an early birthday surprise. We expected her home in December. 3 days before my birthday I was called out of our room with my eyes closed, I was led by the man, told to open my eyes and there before me was our daughter in her military wear, with a bouquet of balloons and holding a cake. I was so happy.

She came home with a certificate as an IT specialist. The Army is paying for 14 more months of schooling. GI bill, Health insurance for a time being, 2 more years of using the PX, she can continue to honor herself and the Army wearing her ACU's when appropriate, etc. We're really proud of her effort and achievements.

A few days before, on Monday, I was gifted another early present. A baby kitten. He's adorable and we bonded closely right away.

On my actual birthday, the 26th of October, I was in a terrible flare and rested the early part of the day. They made me a spaghetti dinner. Loved it!

I've been busy at MDJ, but we hired 1 co-leader approx. 2 months ago and 2 more approx. 2 weeks ago.

I've managed to pry myself away from our bedroom and am out in the living room much more that I had been the last several years. My laptop hasn't been in our bedroom since our daughters return home. Had already planned on making that change and did that same evening.

When I turn in for the night, I'm no longer near a computer. If I nap, I'm also not near it.

I've been playing Wii with the family and Guitar Band (I'm the singer) It's fun!

I'm still only taking 2 meds from the 7 I was on for many years. I went from 20mgs of Suboxone a day to my current 12. 8mgs in the morning and 4mgs in the evening. 1mg of Suboxone is the equivalent of 25mgs of Morphine. I used to take 30-45 mgs of Morphine a day. Suboxone would be as if I was taking 300 now and when I was taking 20 it would equal 500. eeps! I still get a lot of break-thru pain and some days I still can't budge so I turn to relaxation, breathing and meditation.

So that I didn't have to go back on Zanaflex/Tizanadine (24mgs of muscle relaxer, I was on for 5 years) I opted to try Calcium and Magnesium supplements instead this last Monday. It's for the Dystonia and myoclonic jerks and spasms. It's worse when I'm laying down or about to fall off to sleep, but it started back in my entire body which was previously eased by the relaxers.

I continue to use the tools and coping strategies learned in the FRP aka my Flare-up protocol.

Phase 2 is Monday evenings.

Beginning yesterday, We're home schooling our son. It's actually Independent Study (ISP)

We created his daily subject schedule of 6 courses last evening.

Am staying as busy as possible even through the crashes.

I know there's much more, but think that's it for updates... cannot recall much more going ons at the moment..

Hope you all have been well..

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Greetings caliente!

It is nice to have you back and to hear that you are doing much better. I have missed reading your posts.

Take care and I wish you well.


His kajirah said...

Thank you, laurie :)

Wishing you most well also,