Monday, December 28, 2009

Gorean Forum Rambings, Xmas Vaca.

The last 2 weeks I've found a little more time in the Gorean Forum I once spent much more time at. For one some of the threads titles didn't interest me enough to even read, much of it was repeats of previous threads.

One thread in particular I originally posted questions to a girl and tries to offer insight in a sincere manner. Later, I couldn't help but laugh with others. After 50+ pages it's like the song that never ends.

Another thread I offered knowledge about ice and walking boots. Got tore up on that one and ended up defending self back. Won't get into too many details other than one wouldn't have offered inaccurate information in the first place. If I didn't know I wouldn't have said so, ironically a health/injury post suddenly turn into..."I know you don't like that I know the slavery...." by the person who came at me with passive-aggressive remarks. Where that came from have no idea since it had absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Aside from that the dozen + cmails I received suggested I not speak to that person at all.
For the sake of the moment... I did just that.

So I wished her a Merry Christmas and left it at that. ~smiles

Being that it was Christmas time our group slowed down enough to read up and participate elsewhere. I've also tried to catch up on a few blogs.

I have a hard time squeezing enough time in the day to get to each on any kind of regular basis and for this I apologize. Sometimes bi-weekly at best.

I need to come up with more marketing, advertising and promotion techniques for the newer group that was handed to me. Still a small group. It was created some time ago, but when there's no one to oversee them, members often go to groups or forums that continue to stay active. So I understand it's demise prior to me taking it over. It could take an entire year at this point. Because it involves children I have to be more subtle and protect anonymity. Of course this is done in the other groups if necessary, but I have other peoples kids in my hands. I will take extra precautions. Additionally write so that they understand meaning. I need to set aside words above 10 year olds understanding.

There aren't many groups of the same out there. Even in doing a google/etc search my group comes up first...

I published another girl a couple of weeks ago and gave her her own web page on my site. I'll assist her in exposing her writings and link to other sites and so forth. I was happy to hear that she included it on a college application. These are RSD related essays and articles.

We had a really good Christmas. Presents and food. Everyone was happy.

Colored my hair back to bottle natural and streaked it with fuchsia. Can't see the fuchsia unless in the sun or light then wowies. I trimmed it a few days prior. 2 inches or about.

I see my PMD later this afternoon and am not sure if I'm staying for the Monday evening Phase 2 as of yet.

Happy New Year!

Until next time...


Snowbrush said...

Glad to find you sounding upbeat. I know exactly what you mean about keeping up with blogs, although I do try.

His kajirah said...

Thank you, Snow.

Today is actually not so bad and I'm so glad because it's been a flare right into a flare into yet another. Or maybe just one really long one.

I hope you are healing well from your surgery. Been thinking of you.

Sure not looking forward to my next. Still have a bit of time, though.

Wishing you a pain eased day..