Friday, January 15, 2010

Order of Nature, Natural Order

In regards to a discussion on the CM GP Forum arguing the terms order of nature and natural order from the books themselves it seems there's some controversy.

I know for many years it was said the Gorean Philosophy was based on Natural Order, later came Order of Nature which bumped Natural Order away as a boo boo.

The current controversy is a FW claiming "natural order" was never used in the book series. Others are unsure and one or two claim otherwise.

So here I've been flipping through Explorers (the New for 1979 edition, first printing March 1979) where I haven't come across the words as of yet, but .... going out on a limb here.. I believe I do recall the words natural order before and if not more than once in the series, too. I'll lick the lash if I'm not recalling properly.

The FW claims not so.

I think the thread is called-- So I've discovered this thing called "Gorean".

In any event, I'm not posting anything in regards to it. Well, 'less I find the discrepancy for certain.

Perhaps the problem is different publications of same book title.

The quoted text and page number on the thread listed is not in my book.

I do love puzzles..

And I really would do the work...



Until next time...

Edit to add- I couldn't stop looking.... sheesh

One reference found and verified.


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Snowbrush said...

Beats me.

Hope you're doing okay.

His kajirah said...

Hi Spanking Photo Blog


Well wishes,

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

Me too for the most part. I know it's been said and used and I know I had come across it.

Mostly it's about people arguing over what they once claimed to be and now deciding not so.

Ah well

It gave me something to do.

I've been having flare after flare or just one long one. Taking approx. a dozen aspirin a day in addition to my pain med.

It's odd ina way because a time or two the aspirin worked better. Might have only lasted a half hour but enough to catch my breath.

I hope you are feeling better. You've gone through much.

Warm wishes,

Snowbrush said...

I guess you've built up quite a resistance to painkillers. I've turned more and more to sleeping pills since my main problem comes at night, and since the painkillers no longer work that well anyway. Last night, I took a Restoril (a fairly strong sleeping pill) and two Percocet, but still had to get up every 45 minutes for a new ice pack. By morning, I needed ice packs on both shoulders. I'm still hoping I'll get through this eventually, but I think it likely that I'll need another surgery or two.

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

I do understand. It's so bad at night and I'm not on any prescription meds for it, instead I'm taking tons of tylenol pm and the likes. I end up not sleeping at all, entering a new day, having added pain and no energy and it just continues on.

I think of you often and all your surgeries. Not even enough time to heal properly before the next, but needed also.

I'm considering speaking with my doc about re arranging my meds again and perhaps adding back 1 or 2 I quit over the summer. Felt I was doing a little better there for a while, but I obviously can't live in a facility that forces me to use my legs by intense pt and pain schooling all day long.

Much luck to you Snow.
Sending a gentle hug your way, too

Snowbrush said...

It's hard to win, no? I'm taking strong sleeping pills plus narcotics each night, but still have to get up every hour or two for a fresh ice pack, and still feel tired the next day...I just read the chain of comments and saw that I'm repeating myself, the only difference being that the pills just keep getting stronger. Right now, it's Demerol and Dalmane.