Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy Tuesday

Been spending a lot of time cleaning up my inbox that's been out of control for the last 8 weeks. Spent hours in the Group today. Catching up there also. We're looking for another Leader so that should be done by this evening. 3 in mind.

Am allowed to trade the treadmill off tonight and go to the store with him instead. That will get my walking time in and at least I'll actually be doing something.

The photo I posted is probably the only one people will see of me full length. That's one of those rare occasions. I have more, more people in the photos, but am not sure yet if I'll post.

Maybe I'll post one where I'm behind everyone else. lol

Still waiting on the authorization for the Left Foot Accelerator and the switch from Morphine to Suboxone.

I'm still taking minimal meds and it's hard. I've had to take Neurontin again. It's the only thing that actually eases down the burning nerves. I do only take it when absolutely necessary.

I still have an article to write regarding the program. So much information. Both what was taught and what I actually learned and experienced.

My outline already has at least 2 dozen points to touch on.

It's been a productive day for the most part.

Until next time...

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