Sunday, July 12, 2009

FRP ended the 10th (the 17th is graduation)

Friday was my last day at the FRC. I was suppose to graduate that day but on Thursday it was postponed until next Friday. I don't go all this week, just Friday. I do have a doc appointment tomorrow and I'll wean back off Morphine (for the umteenth time) and onto Suboxone. In my research I have learned some people are getting 50+ up to 90 percent of relief on some days from pain associated with nerve damage. Am seriously praying hard for the same.

I need to work on routine. Tomorrow will be my first day of it. For sure each morning that I wake up I'll set 3 goals and do my yoga. By weeks end he should have a daily routine scheduled for me and while this will work best for me, no one is suppose to be setting it for me other than me. ( according to non lifestyle oriented guidelines lol )

It's been a hard 6 weeks. The program exceeded my expectations in many ways. I exceeded my own expectations. I would encourage anyone with chronic pain, incurable diseases and disabilities to look into it or one similar. I increased my range of motion in all directions, my walking and standing times. Individual feet standing time. Everything.

Starting next week, I will continue to go on Monday's for.... hm, mostly indefinitely. Instead of a full day, it will only be from 4 p.m to 5:30 p.m.

I'm still waiting on an authorization for a "Left Foot Accelerator". Am not sure if I mentioned that or not yet. But it would give me back the ability to drive at least nearby.

I really want a job outside the home.

I can finally wear sandals for about a total time of 2 hours a day and sneakers with socks for an hour. I don't think work will let me go barefoot as I have been. Even at program I was barefoot 'cept during desensitization therapy and using the rest room.

Don't have too much more to say right now...

Until next time

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