Sunday, February 07, 2010

Californina Lottory Woot Woot

A few days ago my Master brought home 14 lottery tickets. An odd number but the left over of a $6.00 purchase. He kept 2, gave our son 2 to scratch off and gave me the rest.

I won a $50 dollar scratcher and a couple of free tickets. Yay! ( a 1 dollar ticket from the game Make Me a Millionare)

The next day I asked if I can have more with the winnings. He said sure, I won it.

I was tickled. He bought 20 and again we split it.

I won a $200 dollar ticket. Woot Woot!!!! (A 2.00 dollar from the game Diamonds)
It's a game that has 10 slots and one is to match your numbers to space/slot numbers to win that prize or uncover a 4X to auto win 4X the amount.

I won, 20, 20, 10- 4X, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20. ~big smile

Also one 3, $10 dollar tickets, 2, $2.00 tickets and 3 tickets.

Soooo out of the $36.00 dollar winnings and putting the 200.00 away, he got me more. lol

Won 30 back, lost the 6.00 and ...

Have been wanting to get away from here. So he booked us a room at Jackson Indian Casino which was going to be for today until tomorrow, but pain got the best of me even under happy circumstances.

We're going tomorrow. Taking the $230.00 with us.

I won our mini vacation and am sooooo happy!

If we lose it, it's okay because there's nothing out of pocket.

I feel lucky and blessed. Hopefully my winning streak isn't over.

Kept winning 10's on the lottery tickets. ~grins

So we're heading out around noontime tomorrow, maybe earlier and returning home on Tuesday the 9th. If we win anything, we may stay an extra day.

Hopefully that day will bring some good luck since... not only is it my dad (who's passed on) and my moms wedding anniversary, but also someone birthday whom I'm close to.

Mom has been re married several years, but I still make note of their day together. Dad and mom were married 25 years when he passed in 1991, when I was 22.

I'm glad to get a way before my next pain block, probably sure have waited to do so ... after, in case in relieved me enough.. I could have had less pain going, but...

The man needs a break too and is happy to take me, so tomorrow is it.

If I need to I can go back to the room and rest. When we went last year that's exactly what I did. Pain escalated and he took me back to the room, had some vroom vroom, fell asleep and when it was time to go back down (he set an alarm) I still wasn't well enough and he went instead. I wished him much luck and went back to sleep.

I poop out too fast even in fun.

Casino's aren't good places to use walkers or wheelchairs. So I'll wear lidocaine beneath my ankle brace. I have a cane that's always kept in the van, so will have it if I need it.

Being there is really a lot of sitting also and since my butt is broken lol.. I have to stand as able to relieve it as well.

I'm determined to have as much fun as I can. For both of us.

Until next time...


Snowbrush said...

"If we lose it, it's okay because there's nothing out of pocket."

I suppose lotteries and casinos count on people thinking that way, but if you lose the money, you're still out $230 that you would have had. Just a thought.

I hope you have a great trip. As for me... I'm having a horrendous few days. I can but hope it gets better soon. Otherwise, I'll get am MRI to see what the hells wrong inside.

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

Very good thought too because I've also thought of it. I've thought already of what else I could have done with the money. I'd like new curtains for our bedroom, I could put it in savings, or add some to our grandson and sons savings. There's just other things it could be used on, even food.

And then I thought... A little get a way.. a much needed one. Even if I spend most of it in the Hotel room.. peace and quiet unlike home.

Just want to have a good time and hope it happens.

I truly hope your pain eases Snow. The colder weather and abrupt changes have not treated me well and I assume added pain from weather is the same or similar to yours.

Please let me know what your MRI shows if you have one. That's one thing I'm unable to have because of my implant.

Warmest wishes always