Sunday, February 21, 2010

When Children Move On.. and Out

A few days ago we were informed our daughter's are moving out. While this is a good thing, their dad wasn't pleased at the abruptness.

We just don't see how they will make it, however, gotta let them go and see if they can fly.

They often try to take advantage of us as is. In the last months this has been in question more than once. Adults pay rent, adults living in parents home do chores. No one gets a free ride. They can't pay rent here, but can elsewhere?

There was the main issue.

Army girl had just switched rooms with her brother. She took the second largest room and he took the smaller. Actually her bedroom might be larger than ours, but ours has the master bath.

We knew something was up, but didn't know it was a double doozie.

The oldest and grandson leaving will open up the 2 room addition to the home with private entrance. Similar to a living room with seperate bedroom. A door which leads into the home and another out front and a few feet from our own front door. It could also be considered a den with an extra bedroom.

One of my major goals was to one day use that addition for a support group meetings.

There are no support groups for RSD/CRPS in the Sacramento area. People need real time support. Online is a good alternative, but it will never replace actual flesh and blood contact. I could start a non profit. I have options.

We can also rent it out.

I could start a day care. The bedroom would fit 2 bunk beds, the front room/den area a play area.

I highly doubt I would ever do this. I don't have the energy for rug rats.

Our oldest daughter often helped me during surgeries etc. A care giver of sorts. But am thinking with all the extra house work that comes from her family, that once they are moved out and army girl as well, there won't be as much to do.

I may eventually, a little at a time, get the home the way I will like it. Get the baby prints off the walls, by painting, all the toys, but a few will be gone. The kitchen will be better kept in order. Electricity bills will decrease.

It's too much with a house full. Especially of adult children who don't care to even clean up their own messes. That's hard on us.

They're moving back to the apartments we moved from prior to buying our home. Back to West Sacramento, where we lived since it became it's own city separate from Sacramento in 1987.

We lived in those apartments since the fire in 2000 where we lost everything. No renters insurance. (any one who rents, please get insurance).

A year later, I was injured. I know all their memories lie within and around those apartments.

Now we'll just have our son to care for on a daily basis. And too it will give him a place to spend time away from home on occasion. And our grandson can come home to visit us as well.

They just have to realize that we won't be paying their way. One has a child, the other has been in the Army... they can do it, but responsibility comes with it.

It's going to go from full noisy house to nearly empty around the first of March.

A good birthday present for the both of them in a way. One turns 22 March 11th and the other 21 March 15.

And not to leave our son out.. he'll be 13 March 31st.

See how I couldn't leave him out? All March babies. ~grins

I'm beginning to get excited for them. I know we'll help them gather items of need. Kitchen and toilet necessities. Help find them furniture or pass them things from here. Just wont be putting out a lot of money. We're tight on funds ourselves and will now lose the little rent we do get from them.

One thing is for sure the empty rooms will need to be painted and carpets cleaned and they'll have to come back and take care of that. The oldest already agreed to come back and help paint the entire home since her boy marked some of the walls and such.

Just hoping it all turns out to be a good thing all around...

Until next time

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