Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CFRP Start Date- May 26

The first 3 weeks of my 6 week functional restoration program has been authorized. I start next Tuesday, May 26th. My sister's bday is that day, too. We were both born on the 26th. Different months, though. 26 happens to be a number that comes up constantly in my life. Most of us consider our birthdays our lucky number, the number has been both good and not good for me, but one that always appears in most everything I do or am apart of. 2 of my surgeries were on the 26th, I was injured on the 26th, I've had court dates with the same number, just many significant days have been the same.

I am nervous as hell. My Master was contacted to do a first application submission process to work for PG&E. They contacted him based on experience and credibility, which is a really great thing, just don't know how many others have been contacted, too.

My Compass worker did tell me they would assist me with transportation if he is unable to take me to and from each day.

I start at 8:30 a.m and get out at 4:00 p.m each day.

Did I mention I'm nervous as hell?

Tuesday could be the first day of the rest of my life and 6 weeks full of the hardest things I've ever done.

Wear loose clothing means I'm going to be tortured. Tortured for my own good, but still.

I'm a chicken shit. See? ----> bawk bawk!!!

My meds will probably begin to be cut down next week as well. I agreed to all this when I begged to be considered as a candidate for this program. I always said I was willing to try anything, any trial, etc etc. I am.

After so many years,

I'm just not sure if I should cry now or later...

Until next time...


Louve said...

*grins as you cluck* Well, here it is. Tuesday could indeed be the first day of the rest of your life. It's been said "He who would like to have something he never had, will have to do something well, that he hasn’t done yet." it is! It's probably one of those things where anxiety and nerves are to be expected, if you're looking at this realistically.

And I'll hand over (and look up) all my natural remedies for managing pain, too. As determined and devoted as you've been your whole life, I can't think this too, is going to reflect those traits in you.

Good Luck!!

His kajirah said...

~wraps her arms around you (Louve) and hugs gently.

Thank you so much for being a supportive friend. Thank you for looking for remedies for pain, for being you. For both you and your husband being so genuine. Am grateful.

This one keeps seeing two futures and isn't sure which one it will be.

Kind of like..

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I... Took the one less traveled by." RF

Can see it.. feel it.. just have to get the body to go for it and retain it. Wow..

Warmest wishes and thank you.