Monday, May 11, 2009

Susan Boyle- An Inspiration

Listening to this women's voice is like Wow! An inspiration in many aspects of life. One at her audition no one took her seriously. Never judge a book by it's cover. Two, just because a female isn't what most men would consider attractive, doesn't mean anything this time, she's making more money than you do. Three, her voice takes you into yourself and all your dreams come to light.

It doesn't matter if we're cute, if we've got a body a man would.. die for? Okay maybe a man wouldn't die for a hot body, but some would not hesitate to lay down with it.

They call her an under-dog. Why? Most likely because she doesn't possess the so called typical look. She's everyone that isn't absolutely perfect. A voice you'd never expect to hear.

How can that not be an inspiration when you hear her sing for the first time and you think... oh my fucking... you know. You're left in awe. Like no way. But it's quite the opposite, it's yes way. And you can relate...

Just because.

If you can relate you know why.. I don't need to go there. If you can't relate, I don't believe you because at one point in your life... or another... you have.

Susan is an inspiration to so many people who thought they'd never be anything. Thought their dreams could never come true, who thought they were just another someone.. anyone, all of us...

And who took a chance.

And made it.

Until next time...


Louve said...

She does have a beautiful voice. Someone on CM posted it in the forums there about the time everyone was finding out about her. It was kinda sad when I saw it. I mean, she was spectacular, and as soon as she finished the song, turned to walk off the stage without even waiting for her criticism from the judges. As if, she didn't think she would be given a chance, or taken seriously, or what. They had to call her back to tell her she was fantastic. And her reaction was one of sheer joy.

I'm hoping she wins that contest and is given the chance she never got.

(and on a side note, and off subject too, hope Adam Lambert wins on Idol. ;)

Hope you're doing well!

His kajirah said...

Hi Louve

I was watching tv the other day, might have been the Oprah show where Simon was talking about the newest sensation. I had remembered hearing her sing from commercials, so I had to get on YouTube and take a peek. I was amazed. I watched that video several times, just to listen to her voice and watch audience reactions again.

Ohhhh Idol, I missed it last night, but think they recorded it. Been so tired lately.

Hope you're doing well too. smiles