Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Past Week In Review (ending 6/26)

1. I said much more than I would have under previous circumstances. It's not the past anymore, I'll never be what I once was, but I am now what destiny led me toward.

2. Our sons graduation from the 6th grade was very awesome. I walked on my own 2 feet. While in the past I would dwell on what I couldn't do, I now smile at what I can do. I've now come to realize that 7 minutes can really get me real far.

3. I graduate from my FRP approx. July 17th. I have a couple of make up days.

4. I'm listening to music a lot more again. For years that's what I would do if on the comp or cleaning, etc. For over 2 years, I've barely listened at all. Pain even made music go away.

It's back!

5. I did more than crash and burn the other night, I got drunk while withdrawing and cut myself across my entire left arm from shoulder down, upper wrist, it's like what's stuck inside in one place, I let out another. .... well, what's done is done.

6. I didn't get 5150'd, 'tis a good thing too, I might have resisted arrest. Phew!

7. I've lost a lot of weight.

8. It feels so good to be bad and so bad to be good.

9. Everyday is a learning experience.

10. No regrets.

Until next time...

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