Friday, June 05, 2009

2nd Week of the FRP completed

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Evening everyone

The last two weeks have been so hard. I began the Functional Restoration Program last Tuesday as Monday was a holiday. While I was so interested and hopeful of the program on Tuesday, I was late Wednesday because I thought I couldn't handle it. My legs were hurting, my feet were on fire, it was too much. I wasn't going to go in, but I did. Everyday I do PT, everyday I do Yoga, everyday I do relaxation, several times a day I do biofeedback, everyday I set goals and so much more.

My mobility has gone from nearly nothing to weight bearing on a regular basis. It's not often, but I'm pacing myself and working harder to reach each physical goal that I set. My range of motion (RoM) has improved already. My pain level seemed to be a constant 8+ and emotional level was just as high. Today was the first day I had Physical and Emotional (P&E) level of 6/5.

During my Physical Therapy I walk, I do Mirror Therapy, I do ankle pumps, I ride a bike. I've challenged myself to stairs, I play catch with another CRPS patient to increase movements. IT HURTS. All of it! I have quit 3 entire pain medications and Lidoderme in addition to decreasing morphine 15mgs a day. I went from 7 meds to 2.

Trust me, it isn't easy. We spend a lot of time with the psychological aspects of chronic pain. We are taught about sleep, it's importance, how to sleep if one cannot. I rarely sleep. I have extreme difficulty tackling pain and racing thoughts.

It may take me some time, but I will be passing all that I learn on to you.

I have missed each of you,

Warmest wishes

Until next time...


Snowbrush said...

I trust you about it not being easy. It tires me just reading about it. That said, I wish I had that kind of therapy in my life. You need it more though, and I'm damned glad that it's available to you.

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

Ask your doctor about a "Functional Restoration" program. I really believe in these programs now. I wish this was available to me years ago. It has made such an enormous impact on me already. In a good way. It's all about routine and distraction. We have to have distractions or pain will get the best of us. Biofeedback is important in all this also. After everything that hurts we take 5 minutes or more to breath and relax ourselves. Today my legs are like jelly, I'm very sore, but if I can keep my "emotional" level down, I will be able to handle the physical pain better. I knew a lot of this, but I wasn't using these methods for myself. I wanted to, but pain itself was stopping me from even trying. Now I'm learning to do things despite the pain.

Sending a hug your way...

Louve said...

It really is a full day, both of physical and psychological challenges. I saw a show this weekend on PBS. (yes, at times, I'm guilty of PBS, too lol). But I heard a Dr Wayne Dyer talking about his latest...Excuses Begone. Alot of what you're saying they are reprogramming to (while not related to managing pain), are philosophies Wayne Dyer agrees with too. Excuses Begone, Biology of Belief, and Virus of the Mind are three newly added books to my list of reading, anyway.

You sound like you are getting well established in learning the routine...and conquering it, too!!

It really, really does sound great and barrels and barrels of good luck and good wishes to you, too!


His kajirah said...

Hi Louve

Hugs back