Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Next Big Day- tommorow

Tomorrow is my next big day. It's the last of the Morphine. The man picked up my meds and I'll be taking Catapres/Clonidine HCL and Ativan/Lorazapam to help me through the withdrawals. I've never taken either of them. On Tuesday I'll take my first 8mg of Subutex in the presence of my Pain Manager's. I'll take it twice a day and 1/2 tablet as needed. I have a weeks worth and will move from it to Suboxone the following week.

I hired a co-leader for my MDJ RSD group. This comes at the perfect time since I'm not sure how I'll be doing from tomorrow to Tuesday until I get home.

The man who I call the lead leader or senior leader has been vacationing for months now. I am glad he is.. we all have to live and have fun in life. Yet I've also been beyond busy. I'm looking forward to having an assistant. The girl who was chosen will be a wonderful asset to our team.

My driving isn't too good yet, but have been practicing.

I figure in the next couple of days if my bark or bite becomes too much..

Just yank my chain. lol

Until next time..

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Anonymous said...

Ketamine infusion therapy is working for CRPS/RSD. Check out the wikipedia entry for CRPS or the RSDSA site. It is being innovated at Drexel University Hospital.