Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday was my monthly Pain Management appointment. I got my authorization to begin Suboxone. There is a process to it, though. Sunday morning I will stop taking Morphine and withdraw for almost 2 days. They are prescribing me 2 meds to help me with this. I'm not sure the names of these meds yet as I haven 't picked them up from the pharmacy. I do know they are both something I haven't taken before or I would have recalled the name. On Tuesday I will go back to pain management for the induction. I'll stay there 2 hours while they give it to me. I'm starting with Subutex for a week to make the transition to Suboxone easier. I'm happy to have this help because I've withdrawn before and it's really hard to handle.

He did promise me one thing. I'll leave there on Tuesday without any more withdrawals. It's only been studied in the last 3 years for pain. What they do know about it so far is that it blocks the pain receptors in the brain. I'm happy to be a clinical trial for this.

I have nothing to lose, but something to gain if it works. If I feel it doesn't help as much as Morphine, I get to go back on Morphine.

So I'll definitely be tracking my pain levels. I also look forward to letting others know how it works for me.

I know 3 other people who take it. 2 of them have CRPS, 1 doesn't but takes it for chronic pain. All have had remarkable results. I want to be one of them, too.

I'm hopeful but not getting my hopes up too high.

Until next time...

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