Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fall Outs

I've been having a fall out with someone for awhile now. Unstable for the last few weeks. It's best to fix things and move on. I just worry it will happen again if I let my guard down once more.

Time always tells.

If any of you out there have fall outs, try to fix them, it's not healthy for any ones mindset to wonder what they did or what they could have done to change it. Things happen. Fix it!


Christmas is so near, our daughter and her man should be arriving from the Army by next week. First they were suppose to arrive home the 17th, and then weren't going to make it home at all. That was heartbreaking! And now a possibility that they will be home afterall. I sure hope it doesn't change again. We miss her and are very much looking forward to meeting her boyfriend.


Pain isn't treating me kindly, the cold weather doesn't help my bones. Having difficulties walking at all today because my right leg keeps seizing. That's something that comes and goes and never quite sure when it's coming. My flares have been rolling right into another. It's tough. No complaining though, everyday is a lesson learned on how to cope.


I do hope everyone out there is having a good holiday season.

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