Sunday, December 28, 2008

Party Party and More Partying

So there's been a party going on here at home for 2 days now. Oh everyone left at one point to sleep or whatever it is that they did and not 6 hours later everyone was back to party some more. Supposedly some of them couldn't get into the club (dress code) so the party came here. The girls are allowed to wear anything at the club, pajama night means they go darn near naked, but the guys on the other hand, that's an entire other story.

The first night I made a casual appearance to our living room to mingle a little, when I say a little, I mean a very little. I was back hidden in our room by 10pm. And I had to lock the door or I would be um... talked to? Handed shots? Coerced into dancing? Now I love to dance, but I just wasn't feeling it, ya feel me?

Last night I could have sworn I heard voices and music, but I must have thought I was dreaming, (I party in my sleep) I didn't find out until the man told me when I woke up today that, yep, there was voices and music and yada yada yada.

There's suppose to be yet another party in 3 days, New Years Eve!

I'm just really not into it. It's easy for some to say I will be by then, but no, I don't think so. I rather spend it on a more quiet level with the man, playing Wii. I still haven't played that.

I like my shots or two from time to time, but not in a partying atmosphere. The good Lord knows I could drink most all of them if not all under the table quite easily, but it's just not my cup of tea in larger crowds anymore.

I can't handle loud noises, loud music only if it gets my ass shakin' and my freaky on, otherwise I can't handle the rest. My legs don't treat me well, so when I dance I have to dance solo, not with others, well okay, maybe enough to tease, and it's nice to have my name screamed (Go momma, go momma, go twinkle, go twinkle) because they want an encore from me, but hey... it's just too hard and I pay for it for days.

I can hope that the surgery center calls tomorrow with a next day appointment. That will get me out of it all since it takes a couple of days to heal from the injections. That's what my fingers are crossed for. Then I'll be forced to lay on my tummy for 2 days. (and maybe play the Wii with one hand)

Hm, not nice really.

I just don't want to keep being the party pooper that I've mostly become.

Party Party and more Partying

Where can I hide this time.

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