Sunday, December 14, 2008

Elysian Reveries of a Slave Girl

Greetings to the Free
Greetings to the imbonded ones
Greetings all others in between

My blog is a diversified compilation of various aspects of my life. Gorean philosophy, living gorean, consensual slavery and the order of nature, not necessarily natural order. I have read the books as well has my Master. Neither of us have read Prize of Gor yet. I am more of an "Old Gor girl" rather than a new one. This means that I am use to the strict days, when subbie princesses would have never had a chance and men were men. Strong, strict, but not without understanding men. The days when one would not dare call a gorean man kind.

I spoke in third person all of my years online, until this last year. Third person speech is still beautiful to me in many ways, but it was used as a continous reminder of ones place, that she was not I, but she, property.

My blog consists of all of my life. Past, present and future. You will find that I won't stay on one subject matter. I will be sharing the moment with you. My blog is based on reality. Offline, or what some call real life or rl will be discussed as well as things pertaining to online.

You can learn more about me in my profile. I love meeting new people.

To those who have corrected me in the spelling of my name, I thank you, but the spelling was not a mistake. It was given with an h to differentiate myself from other kajirae when present together. And it is pretty, too. ~smiles

May your visit be a pleasant one

I wish you well and enough
Always be as well as you can be,
~His slave

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