Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 ToDo List

1. Continue to be the best slave that I can be to my Master and with unconditional servitude accept his decision to take another slave when that time comes.

2. Continue to strive harder by sleeping less to spend as much time as I can with my family. They need me in their presence and I need them in mine.

3. Try not to judge a person based on the judgement of others. I can decide for myself and learn for myself. I don't need saving.

4. Let go and toss away all the negative energies amidst life's complications. I don't need drama, I don't seek it and I don't thrive on it, I'll remain content in my little 'ol world. I'll be sure to live longer without the anxiety and stress.

5. Make sure that I'm always available to help those in need, especially those struggling with and attempting to survive RSD(S)/CRPS. Pain is universal, but so is hope.

6. Continue to work hard in finding a cure for RSD(S)/CRPS. Providing information, resources, advocacy, constant research, clinical trials and promoting awareness to the entire world.

7. Continue to work on my degree in Corporate Publishing. It may take me forever, and it may never happen, but I can keep trying. *I already passed the pre req classes with a B average and earned that certificate.

8. Try to keep my body healthy and strong despite the complications. I've beat negative odds before, I can do it again.

9. Be the reminder that when ones life becomes borrowed time, your entire outlook on life changes. It all changes. Everything it once was changes. Show others that if they fix the negatives, hurt and bitterness in their lives now, there will be nothing heavy on ones shoulders to carry around, instead only peace. Pass on in peace.

10. Never step back and never stand down. If someone said, I'm going to die tomorrow, I'll be right there telling them I'm going to live past it. If I'm told it's over, I'll tell you, it's only just begun. If I'm told I can't, watch me, I will. If someone told me they're leaving, I'll say, that's okay, I'll still be here for you. If someone told me to "go get fucked", I'd say thank you, don't mind if I do. And then I'd go beg some. And with it your request would surely be granted. ~winks

Bonus. Life Goes On

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