Thursday, December 18, 2008

Surprise of the Day

My pain has been tough lately, I was allowed to sleep in again today. Our son came in and said "Somethings here mom, you need to come see". I was asleep so in my groggy moment I replied with "Put it away, Rikki doesn't want us to see". (Rikki is our middle daughters nick name) What I meant by that was that our daughter had told us gifts would be arriving in the mail and to just put them away until then without opening the boxes. I didn't get up.

What must have been a few moments later, my Master came in and said there's something you need to come see, still in a groggy state, I replied with something like, I can't right now. He said I need you up NOW! With what was a command I leaned up right away and without hesitation. He said we'll get you some coffee and I declined.

I walked slow and limping out into the livingroom, I caught a glimpse of our older daughter standing at the end and to the left of the hallway that leads to the dining area, by this time I knew either something was wrong or they were waiting for me to see something.

As I turned to the right toward the livingroom before me stood our second daughter who's in the U.S Army and beside her her boyfriend also in the Army, both stationed in Georgia at the moment.

I couldn't believe what I saw and had to take a second look. I hugged her immediately and pulled the boyfriend to me also. The first time we've met him.

I gratefully accepted the coffee

Originally we knew she was coming home for Christmas on the 17th. And then it changed to not knowing when or if even at all.

The family was all in on it. A surprise for me. I was sad thinking she wasn't coming home, but was trying to remain positive.

What a very Merry Christmas it already is. All our children home for Christmas. Also the first one celebrated in our new home.

I couldn't be more happy.

My surprise of the day!

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