Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve

Well not exactly Christmas eve yet, Christmas eve day? It's really going to be a wonderful Christmas. All the kids will be happy with their gifts. We made up for previous years. Oh, they always got, but this year... this year will be more special.


I went to Pain Management yesterday, one of my meds, Clonazapam was increased for the nerve damage. The temperature of my legs were way off, by degrees even. My left foot and leg are mirror imaging the right which I started to wonder if it was all in my head. My doctor assured me that it wasn't.

I'll be doing another series of 3 Lumbar blocks soon, but no schedule of appointments as of yet. They are done 1 week apart for 3 weeks, outpatient surgery. I'm usually injected 3-4 times at each block. The soreness from the injection site usually subsides within a day or 2. And when I get good relief my pain levels decrease from the normal 7-8, which is often 9, to a 2-6. Them 2's brighten my eyes, my spirit and my family.


The family reunion on Saturday was great until after we got home and I found out a few things that was said. The things that were said weren't personally about me or my Master.

I may discuss this at a later date.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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