Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Or is it Wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? It's definitely both. The Wii has piqued my interest in regards to physical activity almost more than anything else this year. I really like the bowling. I love spending time with my family playing it. Being ambidextrous I'm much better with my left hand than my right. I just can't play with my right the same, but I do have one up on the others when I need to switch, since they can't seem to maneuver with their non-dominant limb. I can. (smiles)

I'm thinking of getting the Wii fitness, I already asked for it, but I know I won't play with it as much since it takes more leg activity than the sports does. Yoga might be good for me, though. Fitness comes with dancing. I remember when I use to try the DDR or Dance Dance Revolution. It was so fun, but my legs couldn't handle it for long and the payback was ten fold.

I don't even spend as much time on my treadmill that I should. Am lucky to be able to stay on it 3-5 minutes and I need to use my arms to lift my body to relieve strain off my legs.

I'm still waiting for the surgery center to call, but I knew there would be an extra delay, plus it has to go through the utilization review board (they're haters). If I could get a good block, decrease in pain, and all that good stuff then I would have a few days or more to be active. One of the necessities after a block is extreme physical activity, therapy and new pain.

More Wii here I come


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