Friday, December 26, 2008

What a Wonderful Christmas

This Christmas was high spirited and warm. We began our morning with coffee for the adults and hot chocolate for our son and grandson.

Jose and Rikki (rikki is the nick name of our army girl) took the love seat (figures), Maggie (the nick name of our oldest) and lil o-z (our son) took larger sofa, De'mantai (our grandson) took the floor, I took my Christmas present that was gifted to me the night before (a cozy rounded large chair) and my Master pulled up a chair from the kitchen table to take his place before the Christmas tree. That's his place, he hands out all the gifts to who they belong to. My pile of gifts kept growing. Far exceeding anyone elses. It was very overwhelming for me. I became teary eyed.

I said it's my job to make all you happy, I don't know how to feel about all this. My Master said that's why, you never ask for anything, your focus is always on us and everyone else. This year our focus was you. My heart was racing to the extent I was having a mild anxiety attack. It was a feeling of being scared and I had absolutely no reason to feel that because I truly was happy and humbled.

We sipped our warm drinks and began to open one at a time.

We all smiled together and laughed. I'm so sentimental, I got teary eyed again, when I opened a bracelet and necklace from my Master. Sterling silver, I love silver. Am not a gold girl at all. And a new collar from Eternity which was already around my neck, fully circular, relatively thick and continuous, an allen wrench is required. Unlike my previous one that had a lock on it. Another bracelet that says "love is patient, love is kind, love never ends". There was still more for me unopened.

Jose and rikki got the family a Wii gaming system, rechargeable controllers, games, an additonal controller, games, wow. I was dumbfounded, those aren't cheap.

Santa brought our son (While he's known the truth about santa for years now, we've taught him that as long as he keeps Santa in his heart, Santa will keep coming) an Xbox Live and games and an additional controller. Jose and rikki gave him a certificate for a year of live gaming and Jose gave him a certificate of crazy amount of points.

Maggie got him two pair of shoes, Fila's and fubu's. A black pair and a white pair.

We got him 2 pair of pants (the current style) 3 shirts, collared, not overly dressy, the kind that looks like one has a shirt over the other, but is really one piece. Looks like a black long sleeved under the top one. He loves them. He also got his very own toolbox (Now he can stay out of his Dad's... well uh, hopefully)

I gave my Master several Craftsman tool sets. An all in one electric hair cutter, trimmer, shears, etc. (that thing does more than some of my yum yum toys). A thick link bracelet and chain.

I got atleast 10 dvd's. A webcam, A laptop stand on wheels, adjustable table, and a side table for books or a drink) (It will go perfect beside my new comfy chair), a hair braider, a digital camera, 2 robes, a shorter one and a long one, slippers, a kaboodle of hair ties, 2 bath sets with lotions, oils, soaps, bubbles, salts, everything a girl needs to relax in.

Oh, I got a sidekick, too.

Maggie got a Cannon digital camera (from her sister), a dvd player, wireless card for her mac, digital photo frame, 4 dream catchers, one is a windchime, another is huge (she collects them, right down to having one tattood on her lower back), a dream catcher zippo and a few other things.

Rikki got $50 in ring tones, a popular game for her lapmac, (I can't keep up with all the games, so don't know which one) A pink laptop case (who knew it was triple the price because it was for a mac), a bracelet with pink stones (the girl loves pink) and a few other things. (Since she's in the Army it's so hard to shop for her)

Thad got an xbox, too and games from Maggie (we went in on it with her), he got a trimmer set, some shirts and a kick in the ass. (I won't tell why)

Jose got a $50 gift cert for game stop, a zippo, and other things.

De'mantai got a game system for little children 3-6, clothes, a hoodie, shoes, sleeper, a toddler couch that turns into a little bed, misc toys.

We gave Jose and rikki some cash to get a room (They like to get their freaky on, too)

This was definately the year of giving and receiving. My Master and I were both blessed with some funds less than 2 months ago. The rest is for the rainy days ahead.

Everyone had stockings full of trinkets and things. The dog and cat had their own, too. (well, it was only fair)

It didn't stop here or should I say begin here, we also sponsered 2 families locally, donated to a charity, gave to a child here in town, and attented our daughters boot graduation in South Carolina in October, drove on to Georgia and spent my 40th with my mom, dad, sister and family (it had been years since I seen any of them). Gave my mom and sis a few dollars, we just really tried our best to share. That's how we are.

The first thing I did with the money that came in my name was buy my Master a 46 inch flat panel tv that he hung over the fireplace.(10 years ago we lost everything in a blazing fire including 48 inch big screen tv in an oak cabinet with doors to open or close it). So I gave it back the best way I could. And for his birthday mid month I gave him a Sirius sterio system for the van and well a little of this and a little of that. (including a blow job or 5)

See how I mean about it being so much? What's a girl to do with all this? (It might be time to start cam sluttin' again) There's things I've even forgotten to mention, plus I cooked a turkey dinner. We were all very happy.

The best part of it all was the love, care and warmth involved.

What a wonderful Christmas!


phoenix said...

Oh twink, sweetie, it sounds like you, Master Erik, and your family had a fantastic Christmas.

A late Merry Christmas to all, Happy New Year if we don't speak before then.


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