Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1 Down 2 To Go

I haven't slept so well through the night for a long time. And even though I woke up a few times, I was able to go right back to sleep.

I went into the surgery center with a pain level of 7, by the time I went to recovery it was 6 and by the time I left recovery it was 4 and within a few hours a 2. I felt very little pain in the foot itself. But when the nurse was helping me get dressed and I went to put my slipper socks on (that's what I wore there) I couldn't lift my right leg at all, so I ask her to slip it on for me after several attempts of doing it myself. It hurt badly to try to lift and caused a painful reaction to my back. Wasn't too worried about it and declined when she said she would call my doc back in. It was more important for me at the time to have my juice they gave me, I didn't want it taken away. Was thirsty. lol. My foots still about a 2-4, my upper ankle and calf a 5 and my thigh a 7. Overall, it did me good enough for now.

Oh they checked my blood sugar for my Diabetes too, 107. Not bad. No danger zones.

I hope the next block is better. And since I can tell my doc what went on, he can better block me. I have 4 marks on my lower back, 2 where they numbed me, and 2 where they injected me. A little sore still, have to move easy, but no biggie.

Until next time...

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