Sunday, January 04, 2009

Suspending Nature

A passive nature, naturally submissive, easy going personality, respectful, courteous, ambitious, loving, playful, dependable, strong, eager to please, thrives on praise, grateful for guidance and correction, willing, deferring to the will of another, graceful, and warm in all she is. Always a good reflection on the man who either owns her or those that are apart of her life. Her attitude doesn't change when she's not in his presence, she's loyal, devoted, he doesn't dummy her down, but supports her efforts and achievements. He encourages her in her endeavors, hopes, dreams, leads her above her failures, takes care of her when she's weak, never lets her feel worthless, lifts her when she's down, is pleased when she's up.

To be or not to be

She inclines her head before authority, lowers her eyes upon an answered question she's asked yet is not satisfied with. Organizations, Lawyers, Judges, bosses, Leading officials, Depositions and more. She allows herself to be treated poorly in the midst of important decision making by those who should be fighting for and advocating on her behalf. She continues with respect in the conversation, she may be told to be silent and except the words she's being told, she does so as her insides grow in anger and she thinks to herself, "What am I doing, why am I letting this go on, why am I allowing these people to treat me so poorly?"

What she is and all that she has been begins to take on something different. She realizes that being pleasing out in the real world barely gets one half way. It's those that are higher up in the world that puts her back down. The man that owns her observes the changes in her, had told her in the past to watch her tone of voice and use of speech before these others. She began to resent it. These are not small matters the girl is dealing with, they are large continously changing life altering events. Her owner finds that he's become helpless in regards to his precious property. He can't save her, but he can believe in her, love her, and cherish her while he gives and blesses her a freedom she's never quite had before.

The freedom to take any actions, do and say what she feels is necessary to any person and go forth in the effort to defend and protect her own well being as well as that of others in similar circumstances.

The only condition being that she have evidence, material or research to back up any claim or argument that she makes. There's only one person that can change the girl's life and that is the girl herself.

So I ask all you men out there (and women)... Would you allow your girl (or boy) to suspend their nature, even if parts of it may make you look bad along the way? Allow her defiance by your side in the presence of others? Would you allow her to tell another man or official to fuck off? Or discipline her after or immediately on the spot for the potty mouth?

Sub-note: Although these questions are posed to the dominants first, I encourage the slaves and submissives to either offer or seek permission to offer their feelings and participate also.

I look forward to your words of wisdom

(Cross-posted from May 22, 2007 - Tuesday)

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phoenix said...

I wonder, twink, whether it's actually possible to suspend our nature, at least in the longterm. Maybe in small amounts of time it is, but for an extended time, I don't think it's possible.

I get what you're saying, it's really difficult for those of us unused to challenging authority to do so, and yes sometimes it's necessary but is that really suspending our nature? Or rather is it just doing what must be done to survive in a world not made for us? I also wonder whether it's actually possible for you to do what you've been given permission to do; it's one thing to want to, another entirely to actually do it.

Let me give you and example. Each time I have had an appointment with one of my doctors, I swear I'll speak up and demand what I need for my hip pain. Ultimately I've been unable to do so.

Again, I understand your need to do this, I just wonder whether, when it really comes down to it, you'll be able to do it. That said, I really hope you can, I know in the past you've been taken advantage of.

Best of luck to you, twink, I love you to bits,