Friday, January 02, 2009

$600.00 Bucks was the Price for Freedom

On New Year Eve's day, my Master had to take Freedom to the vet. He wasn't eating, he was cowering down, snapping and growing, but not biting, and we knew something was wrong. Freedom is just a year old now, his temper is easy. Our grandson who will be 3 next month rides him like a horse, pulls his tail, lays on him, they tussle together, so the difference in temper the 2 days prior was really a warning.

He had an infection from a dog bite a week prior when he decided to dart past us out the front gate and go sniff up the neighbors lawn. The dog that lives at that house jumped the fence and bit him.

He goes back to the vet tomorrow to have the 4+ drain tubes removed from his neck.

IV, antibiotics and pain pills


We're not informing our neighbors. Both animals were off leashes, our dog was on their property and their dog was only defending it's own property. That's how we look at it. The neighbors knew the day it happened and apologized.

We didn't realize the wound had infected. Our problem.

But $600.00 bucks, good grief!!! We paid it in full. We were so not putting the dog down, just glad we had the cash on hand even though it was a month's worth a mortgage payment. Our entire mortgage is $950, but our oldest daughter pays $400.00 for her own family living here. Atleast her portion is rent, all utilities, laundry, etc etc included.

Okay, so we'll have to make some cut backs. Christmas is over and it was cut back time anyway.

We'll make due.

I cooked a ham New Years Eve and played Wii, slept all day New Year and woke today. Erykah was out all night with the girls and just got home. Infact, I think she's been away since New Years Eve. Poor Fiance was stuck here. sheesh.

They leave for the San Francisco airport at 4:00 a.m.

Am not sure when we'll see her again. Maybe I can make it to GA for one last visit before she gets sent off. She'll be at AIT another 6 months, I think.

If they get married before they're stationed, I think they get to go together, if not, then they'll get separation pay.

I'm feeling separation anxiety again. My pain is uncontrollable. And I'm not sure what to do to sidetrack myself.

Separation anxiety + Chronic pain = Hurts alot!

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