Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Visit From My Brother

On Saturday, I was surprised by a knock on the door, I was laying in my bed which is located at the back of the house, down a long hallway, our son runs in and says "Uncle L is here". I got up, almost pretty quickly considering it's hard to walk. I was excited, as I hadn't seen him in years. He knew where we lived because his son, my nephew, had been here before.

We had a good visit, I got information on life that I only had pieces of. Parts of life back when our dad was still alive. Things I didn't know of since I had already been taken and married to my husband. I was suppose to go to another man, who would have been 7 years older than me at the time. He was 25, I was barely 17. My husband snatched me from him by the time I was 4 months from my 18th bday. My husband being only 18 then was more of a man than many men are today even in their 40's. Already working a stable job since he was 12, working for his fathers company. His dad was retired Airforce military having spent 21 years there. After he ran a trucking company where my husband worked as a loading and unloading person of the trucks. Good money for a young kid. I don't know, somewhere around $400 per month back then. When I met him, he made much more.

When we moved back to Southern California nearly a year after we were married and me being pregnant with his first child, he went to work with Larry doing framing for a construction company. That's a story in itself.

L raised his son alone, the mother bailed right after giving birth to him.

My brother is a Truck Driver, following in the steps of our dad, who was a long haul driver from Sacramento to LA for many years until he finally relocated his family to La Verne CA. That's were I went to high school. Bonita high. Well for 2.5 years any how. We moved again to buy a house in the high desert, Apple Valley, ugh. My senior year was there. Blah. It really sucked. Everything I knew went bye bye. Having grown up in Sac it was already a hard transition leaving all the many friends I grew up with to go to La Verne, but luckily I adapted pretty quick there. It really was the best. And the best of memories. Speech and Drama clubs, Debate clubs, chamber singers, concert choir, flag/rifle girl.

Or course L was raised the same as us girls, but opposite, after all he was a male. Our oldest sister who must be 52 by now, very submissive and still married to her high school sweetheart. It wasn't all sweet though. Our brother D passed away a few years ago.

L is who I learned much about BDSM from. I've never been active in the BDSM activities.
Sure I've had my ass spanked, and my hair pulled, and and um...

But that's about it.

My brother is 7 years older than me. He's 47. Our birthdays are the same month.

He's looking for a girl. Submissive or slave, he's slightly familiar with Gor, hasn't read the books, but understands the philosophy as being closest to how we were brought up. He wants me to screen girls for him since he's on the road alot. Tough job for me since I really don't know any.

He doesn't want a doormat, but he does want dinner on the table when he gets home and a clean house. He expects her to mind (this is how our father raised us). He makes decent money, approx $50,000 a year. He doesn't want a gold digger and is adamant about that. The girl would not necessarily get what she wants, but she would have what she needs. You would not control any bit of his money. He would give you some as he chooses. He has other girls. He always has and they know of eachother.

Wow, he looks like our dad. He's tall, mixed (Amerindian, Mexican), dark wavy hair, green eyes, fairly fit, a few tattoos. Very masculine. I'll have some pics up of him soon, once I get them off the camera. He has a past, sometimes good men don't do all good things and sometimes those not so good things are for good reasons.

To be blunt, he doesn't put up with any shit, he would have no problem pointing a girl to the door, which basically means, know your place. Since he drives he's away often, but as of now, home on weekends.

Will get those pics up soon. Well hm, I kinda feel like a pimp, but I'm a slave and this is what I was told to do for him and so I am.

We'll see how it goes

Any questions, toss them my way...

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