Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ramblings of Gor

I find myself disturbed in that all those people, with a few exceptions, who claim to be gorean suddenly carry a holier than thou attitude. I'm not speaking of the free vs slave nature.

The same people that just a year ago Tal'd eachother entering chat rooms, in some forums now consider it role play when others use the same term. People that have claimed the Gorean status for years, the same people. People I once had high respect for is lessening more and more each day.

I am not one of those people who believe respect is earned. Instead I give it automatically and from there it can only be lost. Why should some earn my respect? Perhaps I should earn theirs but that's their decision. I'm not that way.

Suddenly the hypocritical ways and double standards are getting to me. Maybe I didn't see it as much before, maybe I didn't care to see it. It's not my business really. I see it more than I want to now. It bothers me because now I'm seeing those people as fake or liars one way or the other. It's one or the other. Again there are exceptions. They were in the chat rooms all those many years prior and up to a year ago, maybe some still go. The discrepancies are right out in the open, open is good, but do any of them realize that there are people watching and listening and how foolish they make themselves seem. Just because you're not called out on something doesn't mean you're perfect. Just because someone doesn't point out your flaws doesn't mean you don't have any. And just because someone doesn't say "Hey, wait a sec, that's not what you said before", doesn't mean you didn't say it.

I try not to be judemental, if someones not hurting me or my family, I just don't care. I judge on actions and intent, and I suppose I'm rambling along.

I mean really, people I thought high on the totum pole are slipping quickly. The same discussion disguised as a new topic comes up often. People will give their thoughts and be adament about it, but then when one goes back to look at previous posts similar, it's all backwards. Flip flopped in the other direction of thought.

Of course people are entitled to growth and change of heart, but when they claim and stand firm on their beliefs, codes, idioms and standard of conduct and then switch, it seems as if they're being less real than sticking to what they believed in the first place.

It can really put a bad taste in ones mouth for Gor and people in general.

I'm happy enough remaining faithful to the philisophical elements and not the fantasy induendo or the spot light.

Until next time...

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