Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sleeping In

Today is the first day that I've slept in since my block. I've been up by 8 nearly every morning since. I've been keeping myself busy updating CRPSA, publicizing and promoting. My pain is coming back and seems rougher in some areas. It probably isn't. It's probably just the fact that because I've experience decreased pain it only "seems" worse.

On top of it the menstual beast showed up. Dang you Eve. Am gonna getcha when we meet inside them pearly gates. Infact I'm sure God will let me, maybe even encourage me to sock you in your trachea. It's all you're fault you know. You've made all us females suffer all because you just had to disobey and bite that apple. Damn you, slut! Ugh, see you soon enough.

I still haven't gone for my xray. I have until March before the authorization runs out.

Dobbie (nickname) is coming over today, a girl I used to take care of when she was younger, she never had food or things one needs to survive. She slept over all the time.

Been bouncing foster homes since. She's not quite 18 yet. Her brother was adopted out.

Have more updating to do, I wrote a coping with pain paper, and need to get it up. I'm still working on a video, I'll get it completed at some point.

Until next time...

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