Thursday, January 08, 2009

Remembering When.... I Was a Poster Girl

As I lay back again in my newer large rounded chair, I remember when I was a poster girl. Not only was I a poster girl for Huey's Diner in West Sacramento, I was on all their menu's for years. Not just our store, but the sister store. We were the second of two stores. The first being on Arden Way. Ours being on Harbor Blvd. I wasn't apart of the West Sacramento Day Parade that year. Instead I served the store with one other girl. A 2 server floor, Nancy and I, amidst 100's of customers that showed up each hour for 6 hours. Wow, we made the big bucks. Originally I would have been apart of that parade, televised live. What I didn't know then was that they needed the strongest servers to run that entire 50's style diner to ultimately make all those customers happy. It was such a slam dunk continously for hours. Hard! And we did it! ! I did!

Not only was I poster girl, but I was one of only two who was selected to do their commercial. Oh how happy I was to be chosen to do it, be apart of it, represent the diner with a smile, and be locally known everywhere I went.

I was already quite popular in our city, I had been for years, I had served the city one way or another since 1997. My first name being unique most everyone knew me and those that didn't personally recalled me when they heard my name again.

That was truly a memorable year. Within a year, I was shift supervisor, within 3 months, I was assistant manager, and within 2 months West Sac was my store. I was General Manager. I couldn't go any higher. There was no one above me but the owner's themselves.

My most sentimental memory as GM was my kitchen manager who named me Caliente. There's a duel story behind this name. The first was the back of the house all thought I was HOT. The second was that the perfume I wore was called Caliente. I still wear it.

I fondly remember the day Rudy came up to me, his nose inhaling my scent as Selena played on the radio. Como la Flor... And he asked what it was.. and I said.. Caliente, he said si chica tu caliente, I said no es caliente.. or something similar and it went on for a few moments as I pulled from my briefcase... Caliente. We all laughed. And there it was, there it stood, there it remained. I was caliente. From that day forward, I was called caliente and so it was caliente was born online in 1997. Later shortened to cali.

While I was a brunette as a poster girl, I was blonde for the commercial. Very long blonde, non bound, wavy locks of tresses flowing down my breasts and continuing down to my belly, with the tiara in place and our single spoken line...

It's Mash Potato Time At Huey's Diner... !!!! Michelle and I in unison and it was a wrap after less than 4 takes. Those 4 takes was just our own, included in the commercial was the male owner bent over the jukebox as if playing a selection, a flash of customers, icecream and more. We were the highlight of it all.

The poster is still in circulation...

It's your guess as to who I am...

Remembering when....


Bilbo said...

Thank you for sharing what you do. It is refreshing and challenging to see such clear and well presented thoughts and emotions. NO obvious self pity but self belief.

Blessed Be to you


His kajirah said...

Thank you!

I'm grateful for your positive comments. ~smiles

I wish you most well,