Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pics of my Brother

In regards to my previous blog post about my older brother, I transferred the pictures taken Saturday January 10, 2009 and here are a few. In this one, my brother is on the left and his son, my nephew is on the right. I love this pic! By the way, his son is 18, otherwise I probably wouldn't have posted his pic. A has a girl, but he likes to talk to others too.

Ponders posting a pic of just my bro, hm...
Well okay, I suppose for the sake of any girls possibly interested, I will. I am the pim
p girl now, ya know. Okay, so which one should I put up... thinks...

It was a whiskey day, some buzzin' going on, alcohol sometimes messes with features and facial responses, I have about 15 pics of either both of them together, or just the Brother. Gosh, I can't decide which is best for him. I suppose these will have to do. At least for now.

So here they are.

Well wishes...

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