Monday, January 12, 2009

When the Gizmo Malfunctions

My implant has been causing me some troubles. At first I thought I cracked it when I fell through my moms front door in Georgia late October. I'm just really not sure. I know for sure that my wire/lead has slipped. I'm still waiting for an xray authorization to find out where on my spine it is now.

When I lay on my tummy the stimulation is up right beneath my breast bone, weird. Now that's a way to have a wench flip flopping like a fish out of water on the bed. Fun for others to watch, not so fun for me. It makes me scream. A scream one can't hold back. Maybe an intensely loud whimper, a oh my god, make it stop whimper and yelp type thing.

I had to reprogram my programs to try and move the lead down my spine, it works for a little while sometimes, just have to be careful not to bow my spine too drastically, or Zap!!!

But sometimes it's funny when I get too close to an electrical appliance or metal and get goosed in the ass. Hm

When the gizmo fails...


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