Monday, February 02, 2009

Second Block Tomorrow Morning

Am already getting ready for my second block. I'll probably eat later so that I don't have to go longer without food or drink. I haven't eaten at all today.

The pain is still decreased in my right foot, the ankle, calf and leg itself is screwing it all up. I'm going to beg my doc to block the entire leg, but I'm not sure that he can since my lifetime insurance award only covers my right foot.

But he's helped me out in other areas before, maybe he can again. Definitely not his fault if he can't.

I'm not sure if they'll check my blood sugar again, last time with no fasting other than the 4 hours prior to the injections it was 107 which is really good. They wanted to do a 12 hour fast. Maybe I should stop eating at 7:00 pm tonight. Hm...

I think one can still have water during a fast, I'm really gonna have to think about that one.
Maybe I'll just wait until they tell me too, but it's easier to have everything done at once.

Until next time..

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