Friday, February 20, 2009

Fuck, FuCK, fUck, FUCK

A few things that I either love or love to do

1. I really love getting fucked. I mean really good and fucked. Doggie style fucked, coochie fucked, ass fucked, head fucked... fucked at a highway rest stop (that was hot), fucked over, fucked with. Just good 'ol fucked.

2. I really love the fuck word, it makes my nipple rings stand straight up, my belly flutter and my knees tremble. Fuck me, fuck you, get fucked, go fuck yourself, fuck off, fuck it, fucktard, did I mention plain 'ol FUCK?!

3. Get slammed over the washing machine on high cycle, my head pushed into the vibrating lid and.. um... guess what?, fucked! (it's been awhile on that one)

4. I love my coochie slapped, Good god, fuck!

5. I love seeing fuck, watching fuck, hearing Fuck, I love a man saying fUck, FuCk, FUCK, and mmyeah, fucking cumdumpster.

Oh my gosh what a rush I just gave myself, wowies



Dante d'Amore said...

What the fuck?

This is the best fucking fuck post I've ever fucking read.

Fucking awesome!

His kajirah said...

~squirms and wiggles at all the fuck words.

Fuck yes!!!!!!