Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ice and Heat

Rotating ice and heat to try to get some comfort. This is what my own doc said to do after the center told me ice yesterday. The ice hurts. I have no idea where the heating pad went and am incapable of even trying to look for it. So in the meantime, microwaved towel, it just doesn't last long and when it gets cool against my flesh. Yuck.

My meds are barely helping

My SCS is on high

I go to PM on Tuesday and will get the xrays after.

For now I have 4 pillows wedged between my back and the bed helping to prop me up some, 2 other pillows under my left arm, 2 more behind my head and 3 to elevate my legs. and a feather blanket just for warmth.

I'm starting to itch with the stim so high..

What a night it's going to be


slave in chains said...

His Kajirah,

sorry to hear the treatment isn't offering better relief. I hope this will change for you soon and some improvement can be made.

Thank you for adding me, I feel honoured you wished to read my diary. Blessings to you.

His kajirah said...

slave in chains

Thank you also

Always be as well as you can be,