Thursday, February 19, 2009

Xray Results In

My xray results have been read. I go see my surgeon (also my Pain Manager) on Tuesday February 24th at 1:45p.m.

I do have to have major surgery again. My lead has moved up my spine which the PA said is uncommon as they usually move downward. This would explain the reason why when I lay on my belly the stimulation is up into my chest, it also is the reason the stimulation does not reach the right foot itself even though it did in my Trial and in the permanent implant.
And again it would explain the terrible pain in my right butt cheek where my internal battery pack is located since the lead/wire is tugging on it.

It's been over 2 years since I had my SCS implanted.

My doc only does surgeries on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I doubt it could happen as quick as 2 days after me seeing him. But I do have a new claims adjuster that's been pushing my authorizations since she took over in the last 2 months. Both my blocks and xrays were authorized within 2 days of being asked for. They had not been when the other guy was in charge of my treatments.

I would think it would be next week. 'course am not sure. Will find out Tuesday.

Even with staples in my back and butt and after have my spine manipulated, and rewired, I will find a way to be online. When the anesthesia wears off and my pain is a 10 or above, I'll still find a way. Because it's my diversion from hurting and a way to mask the real problems.

2 months it will take to heal. I've probably already written about the reasons why before.

I won't be posting this information on CM, but I will be here.

While our home is neat and tidy, it will have to be scrubbed, vacuumed and disinfected extra good, bedding fresh and everything around me spotless, since the chances of infection are high and can lead to death. There's a chance of paralysis, but I'll opt again to go through with it regardless of the negative possibilities. Actually unlike last time, this time I have no choice.

I'm a little scared, but thinking good positive thoughts.


"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" ~Helen Keller

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