Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Onto Other Things

I went to Pain Management on Tuesday and was put on a MethylPREDNISolone USP 4mg pack. Or in shorter terms a Prednisone pack.

I take:

6 the first day
5 the second day
4 the third day
3 the fourth day
2 the fifth day
1 the last day

I also got my xrays completed. And was able to hand carry them back to the office. I just called the them but they haven't been read yet and since the PA I seen isn't there today they'll call the Lab and get the reading results from there. So I should be getting a call either in the next hour or first thing in the morning.

I peeked at 2 of the 6 images OMG the wire was straight up my spine, I thought there were 4 electrodes there's 5, doot doot doot doot doot right above the top of the lead. Then omgosh, the box in my butt. I know it's there, we know it's there, but to actually see it. Very trippy.

'course I can't read xrays but from the two I peeked at I didn't see a tilt in the wire. It's looked so straight. The upper part of my spine seemed curved though, maybe spines are suppose to be that way, don't think so though.

Will wait to see what they say

We got a brandnew washer and dryer can use it either side by side or as a stackable, so we also purchased the kit to stack them. Our utilities bill should come down now the older set sucked the funds right out of his bank account. The dryer had to run 2 hours just to dry clothes, sheesh. These are energy efficiant Emana. All together $1,600 bucks. $100 dollar rebate from Smud and $75 for delivery since we let them take the old units.

In worse news we owe the Government this year, $310 in federal that's because the mans Severance package was only taxed for state (nearly $3000 bucks, we opted not to pay federal out of the check at that time. Or half of it would have been gone right away. Owing $310 isn't bad. Since his state was taxed, a decent refund on that minus paying the tax guy and the federal, still a $1000 coming back.

I don't need help standing to my feet anymore, but it's still tough to walk. One of my friends just had a Ketamine drip done. The FDA won't approve the Ketamine Coma, but the drip is legal. Each time she goes, she says she comes out as if nothing was ever wrong. She feels great. I'm so happy for her. Again short term fixes, but a longer term fix than the blocks, she says.

I wanted to be one of the first U.S. Trials for Ketamine Coma, but the man couldn't deal with the possibility of losing me. There are no guarantees one will come out of it. Right now it's only being done in Germany and it's quite expensive treatment. At one time, I think Canada was doing them, but no longer.

I asked my Pain Manager about it and he said he won't even consider it on me at this time if ever. Not even the drip. It's cat tranquilizer he said.

Wishing you all better days


slave in chains said...

So glad to hear you are on the mend. Will be no time at all and you'll be moving about like a spring chicken again! lol.

i had lapband surgery done last year, took me longer to recover than most, but now if it weren't for the keloid scare, you wouldn't even know i'd had it done.

His kajirah said...

Thank you
I can wait to be a spring chicken again, sometimes I can even feel my feathers ruffling, then they get tired and sore until the next time. lol

Oh, I've considered the lapband. Can you have it done again? I would think it would cost again though.

Good to hear from you

Stay well

Tiggs said...

Sure hope you feel better in no time flat! Makes me glad that all I've had is the flu, or something similar. As for posting about real life and the daily struggles, that is what these blogs are the best for... they are, after all, merely outlets for all that lives inside our heads, and that certainly includes all the sometimes mundane real life stuff! I love that you are willing to blog about all of it... gives a much better picture of the real you! I try to do the same, and lately, it seems that it has all been real life stuff for me. Not very exciting, but life nonetheless!

Hugs, big, gentle ones,

His kajirah said...


Thank you so much truly. I've been through all the steps of acceptance and have sometimes found myself back in denial, but life is life, whatever it slams our way we have to cope with it and share it, if it helps others, and reveal it, if it helps ourselves.

Hugs back,