Sunday, February 22, 2009


Since I'm taking these steroids I'm kinda freaked out about the possibility of gaining weight. So for breakfast, lunch and dinner this is what I have, an orange. And then guess what? Yep, another orange, and then for a snack, jeez, I'm gonna have me an orange or two. Why I decided on oranges, I have no idea, could have been the stress and events of this last week. See with an orange, I gouge my nails into the peel, I go around each end, pulls out the orange plugs or whatever those parts are called and then I rip the peeling down usually in one piece as I go around and voila, the succulent wedges are ready for me suck the juice out as I squeeze it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

I think I'm still stuck on fuck!


Dante d'Amore said...


Orange you glad I didn't talk about fruit? ;)

His kajirah said...

Omgosh, you're really going to get me going, ya know?

And hehehe Orange ya glad you didn't day that first?

~winks playfully

slave in chains said...

i can understand your concerns, but please hun, think about keeping it balanced. Too many oranges will upset the flora in your gut and lead to all wonderful things, like having to run to the toilet - a lot!

May i suggest you look at getting some of those meal replacement shakes? They are designed to replace 2 meals a day and give you a balance. They are designed for weightloss, but if you add small amounts of food to them, you will be able to maintain your current weight and you'll be making sure you get all the nutrients you need in the right amounts.

His kajirah said...

Great idea!

Especially if it came on that fast I'd never made it to the toilet. lol ewww

And you're right they contain and replace all tne nutrients one needs when dieting hard or doing what I've been.

Thanks again.

Tiggs said...

Very good suggestion about the meal replacement shakes... I was worried that you would turn orange. No... wait... that's only carrots, right?

Big hugs and no orange jokes from me. Dante's the big jokester in the house, as if you couldn't tell!

His kajirah said...

Big hugs back

Now I just have to figure out how to have a little fun with the shakes like I do with the oranges. ~laughs