Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pervin' Blogs

Once every couple of days, I'll go Blog pervin'. Maybe not always pervin' perse but peeking, glimpsing, skimming, or reading. Yep, I read some of ya'lls blogs just like some of ya do mine, even if we're not following eachother. I just type the first letter of your name into my browser and voila there you are.

Some of them I find quite interesting in a different good kind of way. Not many do I dislike, some just don't inspire me, or get my freaky on. heh

I love bright minds. Playful, serious, passionate, compassionate, informative, reasonable etc.

I love strong men. I always like to hear what they have to say even if I silently disagree.

I love women with pure hearts. Respectfully opinionated. Still I listen, even if I disagree.

I really just love the differences in people. I love diversity in others because I'm very diverse in subject matter, thoughts, beliefs and so on, too.

One can still learn things from those they aren't so fond of, too. Diversity.

Okay, well I've perved all blogs of interest already today...
... So am off to find new ones

Catch ya on the flip side..

Until next time...


Tiggs said...

I like the way you think... have I told you that already, lol?

His kajirah said...


Hm, not sure, may have lol, if so I will do better to remember this time.

Likewise. I like the way you think. Learning more and more during each perv, too. laughs