Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Bypassing Surgery

I met with my Medtronic lady this morning at my Pain Management office. Can't bypass the surgery, but it was worth a try. They'll be adding an additional lead, moving the existing one down and relocating my internal battery since it's moved with weight gain and loss. I'm already nesting best I can.

As of now I don't know the date of the surgery. She said the surgery center will calling to schedule and appointment.

I'm already trying to figure out things to do while I'm down. The man is out now purchasing items we need for a small business of sorts we're starting. We have 2 months to get the novelties completed since we already have a sell date in mid April and special orders.

Orginally a partner of his was going to do the work since they had the equipment already and those special orders came from that as we sold some items at the last Clamper Doin's, but the special orders were to be produced in April. We couldn't produce and cannot get ahold of the other partner. So we have no choice but to produce it.

Maybe that will give me something to do also. Not in the beginning though.

Maybe I'll start beading again, or woodburning, I've been meaning to do more in regards to that, I've just been dabbling so far.

So once again, I'll be moving out of our daughters room and into our sons for the surgery. lol

Our room is pretty large as is our bed, but it's not on a frame, it would be difficult for me to try and get up and out of it. Our sons bed is higher, I could raise up, turn, and gently slide off the side of the bed to a standing position.

I really have to be careful not mess these leads up while healing.

The lead I have in now has not only moved up but it's tilted to the left.

When they relocate my battery, they'll stitch or staple it into place. Ick!

'tis the life of a robo-slut

Until next time...


Dante d'Amore said...

[begin sarcasm] I'm glad life is always so much fun, aren't you? [end sarcasm]

It amazes me how many people take health for granted ... (been there myself)

slave in chains said...

Sorry you have to go through it all again, but it will be worth it all once finished.

The business sounds intriguing. i used to own my own skin care business. i made and sold vegan skin care products. It just got all too much in the end and i folded. Having a business is only fun when you are big enough to have others do the work lol. Enjoy it each step of the way though, it can be really fun at times.