Sunday, February 08, 2009


I've been on a nearly 2 day meltdown, asleep nearly all that time. The pain in my leg and back right now is just nuts. My foot is still doing good. I've been more active this week is probably why. The Dance Jubilee, our grandsons birthday party and the man took me out as well. All in a matter of 3 days. Can't say I didn't have fun, I did. My body just can't take too much and I wasn't able to pace myself well enough given the activities at hand.

Oh and the romp in the hay, okay, the bed, was fun too, but erm... Gosh, I'm sore now.

I lost my nose ring in my sleep, my other one was nearly off my face, I had to pull it back thru with my teeth, and my collar is still not on. I really feel naked. Extremely!

He'll put my collar back on Tuesday after we return home.

He said I've been getting a little too "lippy" with it off.

No way... not me! I mean, okay, maybe an itsi bit.

~rubs my temples... Oopsie doodles then, fine, I'm guilty!

Another and final block this Tuesday. 2 more days.

Until next time...

May all your ups and downs be in bed.

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