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Optimistic Endurance

A little blast from the past......

Entry for August 11, 2006 - Optimistic Endurance - Cross-posted from ellaj_C

Optimistic Endurance
by twinklev

Do you hold onto something you know you will eventually lose or do you let go before that time ever comes? Does an object have future value if you take care of it? Do you purchase a home or vehicle even though acts of God may take them away? Or do you sell them to avoid the possiblity after becoming an owner? Do you let go of your dying family member because holding on is too hard? Do you push people away or hide from those you feel add burden to your own life? Do you water a wilting plant so that it might drink in the necessity it needs to survive? Or perhaps, you simply toss it out and bring a new fresh green and blooming one home? Can you create a work of art with your bare hands? Or do you destroy someone elses creative work because it wasn't you who thought of the particular idea first? Does jealousy nip at you? Do you wish you had what another had? Would you trade lives with one who had less? Do you talk just to hear yourself babble or do you offer valuable or thought provoking stimulus to the conversation or discussion? Do you listen to people or turn a deaf ear unless it interests your personal agenda? Do you gossip? Are you the neighborhood loud speaker who just can't wait to spread the next tid bit? Do you listen to gossip for the entertainment or maybe the type that doesn't outright blast the personal information of another, but whispers it all, instead. Maybe just maybe you're the type that listens, but doesn't continue the forward flow. When you hear negative gossip and actually know the truth, do you stand up to the plate and say so? Or do you allow malicious tails to continue without a word. Do you follow the cliques and popular crowd because you just have to be apart of it? Or are you content outside it? Would you take a bullet for family? A friend? How about a stranger? Would you put down a suffering pet so that it would not live painful days and nights? Or would you let it continue to live in a harshful state of being. Would you terminate a child because it's chances for survival was nil or take the chance? Would you abort conception as a form of birth control? Would you take the pain away from another person, if the possibility existed and could be achieved? Or would you just be damned glad it wasn't you? If you had only $5 dollars left to your name and someone else was without even a penny, would you share it? Or say that you too were penniless? Would you scorn the female who was loved by more than one man or ridicule the man who was loved by more than one woman? Do you cast judgement on others, even when you yourself have done the same? Perhaps you partake in the double standard, but on the flip side dispise it. Can you walk in the shoes of another in search of greater understanding? Do you presume or assume an outcome with absolutely no evidence to support it? Can you rest in peace in the midst of chaos? Would you let another rest in peace by removing chaotic moments from them? Would you forsake one slave for another or one Master for the next? Is a man still a master if he becomes helpless to his slave? If you cherished something to the extreme would you ever let it go? Or would you hold it in your arms in a subtle embrace, guarding it, protecting it, maybe even loving it, keeping it safe and secure? Would you lose interest in that of it's fragile state and offer, gift it, or sell it to another? Or maybe you would just break it, so that no one else may ever have ownership of it. If you thought you might lose your precious golds sometime in the future, would you hold onto it tightly or leave it freely about? If a broken slave is a worthless slave would one mans junk be another mans treasure? Do you let go of what you truly want to have and keep or let it escape in an attempt to pacify another? Or do you throw it away because it's just become boring and worthless? If you could change the world, would you? Or only speak of changing it, while you wait for someone else to come along and do so? Maybe even bitch and complain as the other man strives to accomplish what you only dreamed of. Did you fail yourself? Did you fail others? Maybe you were the one who could have made the difference, but instead you chose to do nothing. If your black, would you adopt a white child? If your a white man, would you marry a black women? Do you see only colors in the world or can you see just one and call it heaven? A rainbow of 7, seperate, yet one. Can you change the outcome of a tormented tomorrow and let passion prevail? Can you turn sadness into a happy moment? Make a sad person smile? Can you gift the world your worth and hold your head high while enduring intense agonies? Do you let others step on you when you know you're in the right? Can you back down when you know or learn you are wrong? Maybe you like to play the vicious cycle of revealing the confidences of others, even though you played yourself well in leading them to believe you were worthy of their trust. You might by chance be that man or women whose word is sacred, whose loyalties survive consequence, who even when pushed aside, would take a secret when living to their grave when dying. Maybe your charm lures others, just to toss them like a salad in the end. Or maybe you are the one whose spirit cannot be broken by hate or pity. Tolerance is acquired by learning and learning can only be achieved with tolerance. We are people of many backgrounds, lifestyles, cultures, and religion. Most of us here have one common denominator which has united us, yet has also seperated us from the rest in regards to the ideals in which we live. However, segregation halts growth and growth relies on being fed. Starve growth and the future begins to die. Tomorrow has to swallow the reality of today, so that it can bloom into another tomorrow. Do you teach the person who asks the questions in which to learn and grow by? Or wave your hand in dismissal because it's not worth your time? Or instead just wait for the cooler prize from the cracker jack box to come along another day. Annoying wittle peskewy wabbits-- I know, I know! Can you turn darkness into light?

If not...

... Flip a switch!

© 2006-9 twinklev

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