Friday, February 27, 2009

Adding Slim Fast Optima

After eating only oranges for days, and then some tangerines, and a couple of banana's, and green beans, the man bought me 2-6pks of Slim Fast Optima which was suggested to me by one of my blog friends a few days or so ago. (Still thankful for that) I also asked him to pick me up some fresh broccoli which I can eat cooked and hot or cold and raw. Oh and cucumber. He also picked up a few artichokes. One of them is a meal for me by itself.

Today is the first day I've had anything close to food. I had an all natural (uh huh, or so it says) Tuscan Panini. Frozen foods can't be all natural. And yes, it was a lazy way to eat from the microwave, but for now it was that or another tangerine. I had an Optima shake last night.

I have a bad habit of not eating at all for a couple of days. That's bad. So I've been keeping those oranges and tangerines beside the bed. I have a little refrigerator in here, but not plugged in. It'll be moved to the other room when I have my surgery.

I don't like relying on my family to "serve" me. It makes me feel useless and worthless. It's suppose to be the other way around. I struggle with this often. When I'm able to make it up even with the help of my walker and make him a good meal, that makes me happy.

I've been toning my arms with the help of the Wii. My legs I use the physical therapy bands, green and red and have for years. Still not enough excersise.

I'm just freaked out about gaining weight. I gain, I lose, I gain, I lose, right now I'm maintaining. My last significant loss was a couple of months ago. I'll cry if that comes back.

As it is my legs can't handle the extra weight that IS on me.

Maybe I'll make up some home made small balanced meals and freeze them for their buddy... the microwave.

I dunno

but I don't want to get to the point that I end up feeling to hungry and blow it by over eating whether it be from actual hunger or just the crave to "taste" food.

Years ago when I drank the slim fast shakes to supplement me there wasn't any called Optima. These are suppose to sustain hunger up to 4 hours. We'll see. Have only had the one last night so far. Might have been coincidence, but I wasn't hungry after. I often need crackers or similar because of my meds especially at night. Or I'll doze off and wake up with an intense crave. But I've learned that if I wait 10 minutes that immediate gotta have it crave goes away. That's also what the tangerines are for. Easier to peel and smaller as well.

We'll see how it goes and how well the Optima works. I was drinking a juice called FUZE nearly everyday, the bottle tells all the vitamins that in it. Tons. But also about $1.80 a bottle for approximately 8 oz if that. Can get 2-6pks of slim fast for the same price.

I've already stopped drinking any kind of soda, including diet. Still having a couple cups of coffee a day though. A small splash of half and half and a splenda.

I'm going to talk with my Pain Manager about starting the Restorational Program after I heal. It's Physical Therapy, but bigger and better. It's amazing. Like a super gym. Desensitization whirl pools, etc. I don't think there's an actual pool for swimming though. And they have several therapists. Maybe they can help me strengthen my legs up, with my new and second lead, maybe I'll have a better chance at enduring the agony of weight bearing.


(oh and I have some really good news unrelated kinda to share later, but first I have to catch up a little bit more to do it) ~smiles

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