Monday, March 02, 2009

A Snippet of Erotica #1

A Snippet of Erotica #1
by ellajC

she lay restrained at the foot of the bed. The large balls above the head board shiney in dark ebony finish, the girls hair piled around her cheeks, the ends flowing across pert nipples, shimmering glossed lips purse lighly in a delicate smile, flushed cheeks rosy with a hint of bashfulness, her wrists are above her head, her fingers brush her clammy palms as if to try to loosen the binds, her squirmy demeanor and illuminating glow spills with arousal, the muscles in her thighs accented as they are pulled apart exposing the very vulnerability of her soul.

She whimpers held captive and equally captivated by his will.

Confined by the bonds of his choice and pleasures.

Later, he attaches a leash to the shiny turian collar encircling her neck, releasing the binding fibers one by one, he tugs the chain upon the steel, puts her to the foot of the bed, where she remain until he chooses otherwise.

(ellajC is a pseudonym I went by for many years and am still called by some on occasion. The C represents my Master's online name)


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