Monday, March 23, 2009

By This Time Thursday Evening

By this time Thursday evening this one should be home from the surgery center and already rested up some. The surgery takes about 3 hours and recovery 1 hour if all goes well.

Yesterday her Master took her to the flea market/auction and it was a really nice time out. He bought her a new short nightie and others things. We went to a late breakfast after and then back home.

She slept nearly all day today, get worn down so fast and takes so long to get some awake time or energy back. The other bedroom is ready for her to move into, but she's waiting for close to the last minute to go there.

Maybe Wednesday evening or just come home Thursday to it.

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Greetings caliente,

My thoughts and prayers are with you for your upcoming surgery. I hope your recovery is fast and not too painful.

Good luck sweetie.


Always well wishes,


His kajirah said...

Thank you Laurie

Am having the day before jitters, but am sure all will be well. Should be home and resting tomorrow evening.

Thank you for the hugs, sending some back,

Well wishes,