Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pre Op Tests Complete

Today after my Pain Management appointment, I went over to Sutter General Hospital for my pre op tests, I had a EKG and blood drawn. It didn't take all that long really. Luckily we were pretty much in and out with in 1.5 hours of getting signed into the hospital.

I wanted to go to the store after Pain Management, I didn't know that when I got there, they would be sending me to do these things today or else my surgery date could be postponed.

I wanted to go get some pillow cases. There's a place called Anna's Linens up the road that reasonable on all bedding and more.

By the time we were finished with the appointments (we were home by 3:00p.m) maybe a few minutes earlier, I was so exhausted I fell right to sleep. Never went shopping.

The doc filled me a script of 30 Norco's to be filled the day prior to surgery, and changed my morphine to 15mgs 3x per day. Instead of the 30 in a.m and 15 in p.m. This way they over lap eachother. Not quite sure how much difference it will make, am hoping the difference is in my new lead.

Will call the doc tomorrow to see how my tests went. They had a asap fax note written across them.

Also found out today, I'll have to go back into surgery next year to replace my internal battery. Why they can't do it now, I dunno. Perhaps they want to get all the usage out of it and then cut one back open. sheesh. As if I'm not poked, prodded, and sliced and diced enough already. I'll get another set of blocks in 3 months or about.

We'll do pre op and post op pics again. They're used for video for SCS teaching and such.

Am still tired,

Until next time...

Oh by the way, that hair color change I talked about a couple of weeks ago, it was done the following night. Blonde, golden blonde and streaked with brunettle underneath.

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