Friday, March 06, 2009

Barbie Sports a New Tattoo

Okay, I'm not against tattoos, I have a few myself. I was approximately 23 when I got my first. I remember while having it done at home, my owner went up to the corner mini-mart where he ran into my mom. He told what I was doing. She said "I was raised to be a lady, I thought I raised her to be the same, I was mistaken". That hurt. What's ironic now is that my mom has one also and has for about 8 years. My own daughters have had one to many by 18.

Getting back to barbie. If my girls were still little, I would not buy them this barbie. In fact, it might even make me not buy them any barbies anymore. I don't recall ever buying them "barbies" per se, but they did have them type of pretty dolls.

Yes this is 2009, times have changed, people are more easy going, less taboo, but why take innocence away so soon. Children now a days have little innocence already and that which they do obtain is taken quickly one way or the other. It's sad. Kids can't be kids.

It's becoming harder and harder to instill morals on them. We instill them and then out comes barbie with a tattoo, well it really doesn't surprise me as much as it might seem. It's not like she was a role model barbie already. She's been cheating on Ken for years. Can't count how many boyfriends she's had. Okay, maybe they were just guy "friends".

I doubt it the lil slut.

I'd rather see her in a collar.

Steel locked around her neck.

It is where she belongs.

Just shakes my head

Until next time...

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