Friday, March 27, 2009

The Day After SCS Surgery

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This one had her surgery yesterday. She had her current lead/wire on her spine adjusted as it moved up and tilted to the left. This first lead that she's had for over 2 years now covers her from her waist on down, but not as far down as her toes.

Her Pain Manager/surgeon added an additional lead to the right, so with luck she will be getting better relief on that side soon. He was going to relocate her internal battery which is located in her right butt cheek, but she cannot remember if he did so or not. She only knows that that area was re cut open also. So she's presuming so. She's bandaged from a bit above the center of her back downward and to the right. No shower for 6 days Ickies. Will be sponge bathin and she has baby wipes and girlie wipes standing by for that fresher feel. She gets her staples out on the 8th day and follows up for a Post Op 1 week after that to make sure she is healing correctly.

She did not sleep well last night, fell off to sleep for about 15-30 minutes a few times, but couldn't stay asleep. Between the spine itself hurting and already feeling the stitches, staples and incisions stinging it's pretty rough. She can't extend her arms out too far, so either has to talk via cell phone texting, phone, or with laptop closer than having to reach arms out far. She has a laptop tray that's like a bedtray that's adjustable on legs as well as on the table part. So she can get it close above the bed.
Have moved into a more spacious bedroom of the home. One with not a lot of items in it because she wants to be as independent as possible.

With objects around, as in our own room (tv stands, dressers, wall unit etc and more) it would have been more difficult and the chances increase of falling or tripping, plus harder to get herself up from a much larger bed which rests lower than this one. With this bed she's using now and since she's a shortie, once she gets herself sitting upright she can roll off the side of the bed and to her feet. Her walker is near bye in case she needs help, she can set the breaks and pull herself to her feet.

Not going to complain, this is suppose to be a good thing. ~smiles.

2 months down time though in order that the new lead takes to the spine without migrating or rejecting. She'll be meeting with Medtronic soon also, either the day her staples are removed or the following week to be re programmed as her previous programming was wiped out for the surgery.

This one is looking very forward to playing the Wii Fit her owner bought for her days ago. This will be a good way to help her exersise and have fun with the family all at the same time. She doesn't like the way the game talks back to her though. lol. When he set it up for her the night before (it sets ones weight, bmi and then ones goes through a few simple coordination exercises, the game voice said "You are too slow, your age has been increased to 50". ~smirks

After healing, she's looking forward to a better next few months. May get a year out of this. ~smiles

Good luck to Snow, will be thinking of you during your surgery today.
Good luck to d when seeing the surgeon today
Good luck to j with your surgery today.

Best wishes each of you,

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Dante d'Amore said...

Wow. I am so glad the surgery went well and will be crossing my fingers and sending you all the good vibes i can muster for the coming days and weeks. I hope the post-op is even better and it works out great. Anything involving back surgery scares me but I know things have improved a great deal over the past 15 or 20 years so you will do fantastic, I'm sure.

I'm puling for you!

His kajirah said...

Thank you so much. Am more sore today than yesterday, but am sure it's just because the local and anesthesia has worn off. Am so looking forward to trying to take small walks and play the Wii fit.

Move on from the last months of continuous surgery center visits, etc. Will have to go back in for more blocks in a couple of months, but maybe these can get farther between or even the possibility of decreasing medication intake. These have all been things in thought, if they can't be accomplished, would be bummed out, but if a steady decrease in pain happens that would cancel out the bummed feeling and would be happy enough for that.

That in itself would give back much. Less pain equals more quality time with family and with that...

just couldn't hope for or ask for anything more.

Thank you again,

P.S. Send a hello or give a spank to that wife of yours. ~grins

Waves to her